History and Development


This company was founded in 1992 to serve the domestic market.


This initial objective was attained successfully in short time this in 1997 the company has undergone a thorough improvement in its physical and non-physical facilities aimed at serving much large area : Asia. In a couple of years the second objective was also fulfilled satisfactory. Most Asian countries have been accustomed to regard JAVA RINO as the first brand for rubber soling sheet.


In 1998, PT. LanggengKarya MakmurLestari has expended its horizons to serve non-Asian markets, reaching out to other continents such as Australia, America, Africa, and even to the heart of world-class footwear industry; Europe, it has proven to be just right time to anticipate the flourishing of footwear-artificial leather industry.

At the beginning of its operation, PT. LanggengKarya MakmurLestari was manned by only 50 staff. Nowadays the number has grown to be over 500 staff, including highly skilled technicians specialized in rubber products manufacturing, staff are selectively hired and frequently sent for overseas training and practice. Our previous capacity of 2.000 tons/years has grown remarkably into 30.000 tons/years in 2009.