Ball Mill Liner

Ball Mill Liner Rubber Ball Mill Liner Rubber Plate   

Ball Mill Liner consists of parts Lifter rubber, Plate rubber. Our products are made of rubber with good durability. The advantages of using with Ball Mill Ruber are: 

  1. Reduced Weight   :  The rubber lining parts are about 1/8 less than weight of metal liners of same size.
  2. Fast Production     :  Per batch time is reduced then conventional lining.
  3. Increased Bearing and Gear Life     :  Reduced weights increase the normal life of the gear and bearings.
  4. Longer Life               : Rubber mill liners rubber's property has high abrasion resistant so that liners life is longer then conventional liners.
  5. Reduced Power     : Light weight of rubber liners reduces the current draw of the mill.
  6. Less Maintenance                : Rubber mill liners are give long service increasing the interval time between maintenance.
  7. Reduced Voice and Vibration          : Rubber mill liners reduce the voice level to pollution control level.

Application on Ball mill lining machine : 

Ball Mill Liner Rubber